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We know how busy New Jersey educators are these days. It's hard to be innovative when there are tests to prepare, classrooms to control and school districts complaining about unbalanced budgets. We also know that in too many districts, art instruction is not a priority. Our young people are growing up in a visual age, spending hours in front of screens and being bombarded by imagery almost every where they go. At the same time, America’s schools often are reducing, rather than expanding the training in the visual and performing arts that our young people receive. In the “flat” world that the journalist Thomas L. Friedman describes in his influential book, The World Is Flat, aesthetics and creativity are just as important as technical knowledge in the new economy.“  This website attempts to provide the instruction you need to infuse creativity in your classroom

and at the same time provide additional skills to engage, enlighten and inspire you. Each subject has three to four sections and includes a curriculum guide. You can also use the form on our contact page to  ask questions. We will try to  respond within 48 hours.  

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